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We are a reseller of new harmonicas. We only buy, and we only sell, new harmonicas and accessories. Since the products are coming in new, usually from the manufacturer or dstributor, we do not take them out of the box, we do not visually inspect, and we do not test the harmonicas themselves. However, we will do all three of the above upon your request. Just make the request for inspection on the order itself, or, if making a telephone order, request that the individual do the inspection.

There is one caveat, and that is you really cannot test the tuning without actually playing the harmonica, which we do not do, except for those harmonicas we make, which are tested and retested during the process of building them. All we do is test to make certain that the reeds are working properly. You will need to test for the tuning yourself, which we suggest you do very soon after receiving a harmonica.  

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