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Hering Harmonicas

Well, it now has been 9 months since Hering products were shipped to resellers by the Hering US Distributor, which has gone out of business. We have always been a big seller of Hering harmonicas. We have the largest inventory of Hering products in the US, but most of it is in infrequently ordered keys. We have taken action to order directly from Hering in Brazil. We have ordered a lot of the commonly ordered keys.
When ordering Hering products, we will ship as fast as we can. However, if we do not have it in stock, allow 30 days for delivery because that is the fastest I have ever seen a Hering order delivered (we used to order direct from Hering four years ago). When there is a Hering US Distributorship, it maintains an inventory of commonly ordered Hering products which it can ship immediately. We have ordered much of the inventory that a Hering Distributor would normally maintain. However, since we are a reseller, we only get 1/2 as much product for our dollars as a distributor would receive. As a result, we will be ordering from Brazil weekly, or more frequently, to get more product to sell. We are committed to selling Hering harmonicas! So, if you want Hering products, please consider ordering them from us. We are doing as much as possible to make a market in Hering products in the US.
Please note that Hering has raised its prices, but we continue to deeply discount from Hering's MSRP.    
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