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The owner of this website is Buckeye Trading, Inc, which is also the Seller. Both parties, Buyer and Seller, agree to deal fairly with each other. Both parties have the right to cancel a transaction until Seller ships the products that Buyer has ordered, prior to which Buyer may cancel, reduce, increase, substitute, or otherwise change the order.

Seller retains the right to cancel all, or part of, Buyer's order. All prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. However, Seller agrees to notify the Buyer, usually by email, of any such changes prior to fulfilling Buyer's order. Seller agrees to maintain, and keep up to date, this website as promptly as possible by the webmaster. Both parties hereto agree to treat the other with respect and honesty.

Placement of an order by Buyer constitutes agreement. Acceptance of an order by Seller constitutes agreement.

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