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About Us

We are a website store selling harmonicas and harmonica accessories. We have a wide variety of harmonicas and accessories to please most any harmonica enthusiast, and, when  possible, we maintain a deep and extensive inventory so that we can fill your orders promptly. We will match or beat any verifiable advertised price on the internet for any new harmonicas that we carry. 

Harp Depot is owned by Buckeye Trading Inc. We are located in Marion, Ohio, and are located on the first floor of an old elementary school on North Main Street.

Since Doc began operating websites, he has found the development and management of websites a stimulating challenge. As a result, he now operates multiple websites for musical instruments and accessories, which include: Harmonica website store; Harmonica website store; Harmonica website store; Guitar website store; Harmonica music website store; Harmonica website store;;;; www.HuangHarmonicasUSA and;;; Harmonica website store; referenced on the Home page. We do not have a walk-in store! If you need to come to our warehouse, please recognize that we cannot wait on you if we don't have an appointment for you, and, generally, we don't make appointments unless the customer intends to spend a substanial amount of money.

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