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Soul's Voice Diatonic, Harmonic Minor Tuning w/ Phosphor Bronze Reeds

Category->Buckeye Harmonicas
(14H) Soul's Voice Diatonic, Harmonic Minor Tuning w/ Phosphor Bronze Reeds

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MSRP: $44.76
Save: $9.81
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This is harmonica is natural minor tuned. We purchased the rights to the Old Soul's Voice from John Hall and Bushman Music a number of years ago. It was a good harmonica, but every time we turned around the cost was increased. So we decided to chnage it. We studyed the diatonics made by great companies, such as Hohner, Bushman Music, Hering, Lee Oskar, Suzuki, and Seydel. We went to the top manufacturers of harmonia parts for our source of parts for our new Soul's Voice. We tested all possible options and came up with a superior harmonica at a very reasonable price that we can maintain for a long time. We started with a good plastic comb and then we changed to phospher bronz reeds and stainless steel coverplates. The result is a great sounding harmonica that is better than the harmonicas we studied. Try it for your self. We will be selling replacement reedplates and natural minor keys affer the year end.

Newer Version of the Soul's Voice harmonica now comes with Phosphor Bronze reeds instead of the brass reeds in the old model.  Available in 12 standard keys plus Low F and High G for 14 keys total.

***Please Note***

Parts of the newer version of the Soul's Voice Diatonic are NOT interchangeable with the older model. 

Each harmonica comes with the following; 10 Holes; 20 Reeds; Plastic Comb: Plastic Box; and a Polishing Cloth.

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