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American Freedom Harp

Category->Buckeye Harmonicas
(AFH) American Freedom Harp

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MSRP: $14.95
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Doc has been running a private "Harps for the Troops" program. He sends inexpensive harmonicas (such as those under "$2.50 Harmonicas" on our website Harmonica page, and has sent over 15,000 free harps over the past 11 years. Both troops, and the military mental hygiene professionals, report that the harmonicas remind them of home and everything American, and the harmonicas serve as a tangible reminder that there are people back home who care. We've been told that the harmonicas have taken on a sentimental value far in excess of their economic value. We are told that in many of the bases, where harps have been distributed, you can hear harmonica music day and night. Whenever the mental hygiene people go to do seminars or group work, at outlying bases, they are always told to bring the guy that distributes the harmonicas. Frequently, whenever possible, soldiers make special trips to pick up free harmonicas for their units. Late last year, a Marine C.O. flew in to the mental hygiene center and took 22 dozen harps to his troops during the battle for Fallujah (secret weapon?). The American Freedom Harp (AFH) is the new harmonica created for distribution to the troops, and, as you see, they carry an important message. Harmonicas are becoming a valued possession for the troops. Our American Freedom Harps are the free harmonicas that we send to the troops.

The American Freedom Harmonica
The American Freedom Harmonica has returned.
This harmonica was completely reworked and has received several improvements.  

- Newly redesigned Thicker ABS Comb

- Heavier, Thicker Brass Reed Plates (0.9mm)

- Thicker Brass Reeds

Each one of these, is assembled to order here in our warehouse, and will be tested (on a wind machine) then wrapped up tightly in their own blue box, which has also been updated. The only thing these new Harmonicas share with the out going model, is their name. Everything else has been updated and improved. It's simply just a better instrument, more so than it has ever been before.


- ABS Comb

- Brass Reed Plates Recessed into the Comb

- Brass Reeds

- Plastic Box

- Polishing Cloth

- Anodized Blue Aluminum Cover Plates

- Built to Order

- Compare Favorably to the Hohner Special 20


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